Public Relations

Why Public Relations?

Camel Active - our client
Camel Active - our client
Calamar - our client
Calamar - our client
Hattric - our client
Hattric - our client

Advantages of PR:

- independent information is more credible than advertising slogans,
- positive opinions and comments in articles are more influential to clients
- articles are more often read and advertisements more often omitted,
- expenses for PR services are much lower than expenses counted as advertising ( press, radio, Internet).
- PR acitivities’ effects are more lasting than single campaign’s effects
- advertising campaign alone is less efficient than combination of advertising and PR activities

  Why it is worth to trust our agency in PR services?

  • Specialization, experience, media know-how from inside out
    For 10 years Promedia has been specializing in fashion business by publishing magazines - „Moda Męska” (Men’s Fashion), „Moda Damska” (Women’s Fashion), „Obuwie i Galanteria” (Shoes and Accessories), „Producent Odzieży” (Clothing Producer) and „”, organizing seminars, conferences, congresses, trainings, competitions.
  • Longstanding experience in PR services for fashion business companies.

We have been trusted by:

  • Triumph International – world leader in underwear industry
  • Amann – 150 years of tradition in supply of sewing and embroidery threads
  • Camel Active – international branch of casual fashion
  • Digel – producer of high quality classic and casual  men’s garments
  • Hattric – trousers for men
  • Pelo –  Since 1870 has offered knitted fabrics and accessories for men
  • Franco Feruzzi – supplier, since many years effectively reaches Polish male fashion market
  • Hucke – producer and distributor of female fashion
  • Bush – assortment for men
  • Frank Eden – producer of wide range of assortment for men’s fashion
  • Calamar  – male fashion
  • Le Mac – chain stores with luxurious male fashion
  • Sempre – men’s trousers producer
  • Krenig - Polish producer of leather goods

International PR
Do you want to convey image of your company to international clients from all over the world? We can help you. We offer services in English, German and Russian.
We have organized PR on Spanish and French market for Maximus Wholesale Centre.

You are welcomed do cooperate with us!

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