Trainings and seminars

We provide company owners and their employees with knowledge relevant for running business activities and important for working environment. It happens not only through publishing activities, but also through specialist seminars and trainings.

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Please find below topics of trainings we offer:

Professional sales

Purpose of the training: sales oriented on consulting and fulfilling of individual needs of a client.

Some of the matters:

  • creation of positive first-impression effect (verbal and nonverbal communication)
  • recognition of types of clients and proper establishing of contact with them
  • needs diagnosis
  • sale for few clients at the same moment
  • dealing with complaints and other stressful situations in a shop

ABC of Visual Merchandising

Purpose of the training: getting expertise in proper disposition of products in a shop to encourage purchase, creative management of a shop space.

Some of the matters:

  • space development of a sales point
  • arrangement of special expositions – arrangement of a shop-window
  • exhibition fitting and exhibition gadgets
  • use of light
  • POS materials

Fashion consultant

Purpose of training: advising clients on clothing purchase in reference to fashion trends.

Some of the matters:

  • where trends come from
  • fashion trends in upcoming seasons
  • multiseasonal trends (megatrends)
  • clothing offer of a shop in reference to fashion trends

Material science: Professional tradesman, how to sell more by knowing clothing inside out.

Purpose of the training: getting knowledge on properties of fabrics and knitted fabrics made from different raw materials, use of knowledge as a language of advantages in means of clothing use and upkeep.

Some of the matters:

  • types and structure of yarns
  • utility properties of yarns in reference to client’s advantages
  • properties of clothes made from fabrics and knitted fabrics, protection of clothing

Salesman – stylist, first part: color type

Purpose of the training: Professional consulting on color type oriented sales.

Some of the matters:

  • characteristics of colors
  • discovering your own color type
  • discovering clients’ color types
  • matching of clothing and accessories accordingly to color type

Salesman – stylist, second part: style and elegance

Purpose of the training: Consulting on clothing purchase accordingly to client’s style of life, individual physique.

Some of the matters:

  • differentiation and discovering of individual style of life and clothing style of clients

  • methods for effective camouflage of body imperfections

  • matching clothes with individual style and body built of a client

Business dress code

Purpose of the training: knowledge on creation of a business image through proper clothing.

Some of the matters:

  • rules of diplomatic protocol with reference to selection of clothes
  • influence of color on business recipient
  • case study of examples for male and female clothing
  •  business casual in accordance with color analysis and silhouette styling